Foods You Can Actually Freeze


Every year, households in Singapore generate million tonnes of food waste. Most of the waste is avoidable if the household is knowledgeable. Remember that if food waste is avoided, it could save the family hundreds of dollars at the end of the day. Aside from saving, it can do the world a whole lot of good.


We are all guilty of panic buying especially when we are at the supermarket. We are also easily enticed by other promos and discounts without realizing that we cannot possibly consume everything and end up throwing everything. With this, it is important that we think before we purchase something. It can also help if we know some foods that we can freeze.

There are foods that can be stored for later use. We should know these food to avoid throwing it. Here is the list of the foods that you could actually freeze:

  • Cheese: It is okay to freeze your cheese for later use. You have to know though that once defrosted, it gets crumbly so it is not ideal for pickle or cheddar sandwich. Do not worry because you can still use it for your casseroles and sauces. It can last up to six months.
  • Milk: Milk can be frozen and it is perfectly safe to consume it. However, you have to remember that when liquids are frozen, it tends to expand so make sure that your container has enough room or it will burst.
  • Salmon: Salmon can be frozen. It can last up to two to three months but you have to know that it can actually last longer. When you keep salmons longer, do not expect perfect taste because the texture as well as the flavour will start to weaken.


  • Chicken: You already know that chicken can be frozen but what you do not know is that you can still safely consume it after frozen for a year. Yes. So do not throw your chicken just yet.
  • Dough: After making biscuits and you realized you made a lot of dough, do not fret because you can always save it for later use. You can just freeze it.
  • Herbs: If you have herbs, you can freeze them and increase their shelf-life. You can put fresh herbs in your freezer bags or you can just chop them and put them in your ice cube trays with water before freezing.

You can still safely consume these foods don’t worry. Just make sure that they are properly stored. Do not just throw foods.


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