Home Remedies That Can Restore Your Health

Sometimes healing is just in the kitchen waiting to be discovered. If you think of getting healthy and well, you think of synthetic medicines prescribed by doctors. What if there are home remedies that can swear the same effectiveness? It is time that you give these home remedies a chance to prove themselves.


Here are some home remedies that you can consider to restore health or to make things better:

• Chamomile tea bag: You should know that chamomile can be your natural anti -inflammatory buddy. There are many researches about its health benefits. In fact, in 2009, scientists from Ohio discovered that chamomile have the same anti-inflammatory effect like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You only need to press the used teabag on your sore and it can alleviate swelling and redness. It doesn’t end there because you can also use chamomile to your baby suffering from colic.

• Milk: If you are particular about your skin, it is best to use milk. You have heard about Cleopatra’s bathing in milk, right? Today, it is called alpha-hydroxy acid skin treatment. It helps softens dead skin cells and inspire new cells to grow. You will find lactic acid in milk. Lactic acid can be a good remedy for acne-prone skins thereby preventing breakouts. It can also get rid of blackheads.

• Turmeric: Turmeric’s compound called curcumin can help women deal with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). According to research, curcumin can help ease mood and behavioural symptoms of women enduring PMS.

different types of turmeric barks

• Ginger: In general, ginger is good for people with upset stomach but it is more than that. If you have this travel sickness, you can use ginger to your advantage. You only need to drop few slices in hot water and drink it. It can be your natural anti-inflammatory medicine. Its effect is similar to synthetic aspirin or ibuprofen.

• St. John’s Wort: If you are kind of anxious, it is time that you try St. John’s wort. Saint John’s wort is known to be a natural antidepressant. The plant contain hyperforin and hypericin that can help ease relieve anxiety and depression. You have to be careful though before taking this. There are studies that revealed it can interfere with other medications and contraceptive pill.

That should do it. There are myriad of home remedies to be discovered and the things mentioned above are only tip of the iceberg. Do not under estimate the power of home remedies because it can make a difference at the end of the day. The thing is, you can easily find these items here in Singapore.

St. John's Wort Controversy

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