House Painting – Before You Start

Before you start splashing paint to the walls of your house, it is important that you prepare a house painting kit that contains the appropriate tools and supplies you will need.

Painting Kit Basics
Painting services in Singapore advice that an ideal painting kit should at least include a drop cloth and plastic gloves to avoid having stubborn stains in your hands and all over the working area. Professional house painting services kits also include patching paste and a putty knife. This is used to fill cracks and holes, thus providing a smooth working surface. Furthermore, It should also contain a paint can opener, paint thinner, and primer. Here’s one basic tip: Never use a flat-head screwdriver in opening paint cans, as it can cause damage to the lids. Moreover, in choosing brushes, keep in mind that brushes with nylon or synthetic bristles are best for latex paint, while brushes with natural bristles suit oil-based paints and varnishes.

More Painting Services Tools and Supplies
• Ladder and Extension Bar
For painting high ceilings, before you start, you can use a ladder or an extension bar to make the work easier. Always make sure that the ladder is stable so as to prevent accidents. Using an extension bar is also advantageous as you can stand farther when painting a ceiling or a wall, preventing paint spatters on your clothes.

• Roller Tray and Paint Pot
You should also have a roller tray or a paint pot in your home that has a disposable liner. Now if you will be painting a large area, it is best if you use a bigger bucket that has a screen grid so you can take away excess paint from the paint roller.
• Safety Glasses
In Singapore, home painting services companies see to it that their workers make use of safety glasses when working. Likewise, when you do house painting on your own, make sure that you also protect your eyes from unwanted paint splashes.

More on Painting Services
Professional painting services in Singapore use nothing but the best quality of paintbrushes, paint rollers and roller covers. When you use substandard paint and other supplies, it will show in the results. In Singapore, the right tools and supplies for painting may be priced a bit higher than the ones that are of lesser quality, but they are sure to give the best results. Whether you decide to hire painting services or do it yourself, keep in mind that your goal is to make the paint last for years. And that can only be possible when you choose tools and supplies that are of the best quality.

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