How to Have a Barbecue Party in Singapore

Singapore is relatively a small country, with the majority of the population live in high-rise HDB flats or apartments, and only a few can meet the expense of living in stand-alone houses with their own private yard for a BBQ in Singapore. But whether you’re living in a Singapore HDB flat or in a townhouse, know that you can still throw a barbecue party for your family and friends. Even with little space, you can still have a fun barbecue party if you just know how. So read up and let the grilling begin!

Invite in Advance

When are you going to throw a barbecue party in Singapore? The ideal schedule for a BBQ in Singapore is during weekends or holidays so your family and friends can conveniently come over. Once you have a fixed date, tell your guests right away so they will be able to look into their schedules and inform you if they can come or not. Don’t forget to make a list so you won’t forget important people to invite. As the planner, you need to identify the number of your guests so there will be enough barbecues to prepare and serve for everyone.

Do Grocery Shopping

Once you have finalized how many guests you will have, estimate the amount of food you need to buy. Don’t go short or too much with your estimation. Buy the necessary foods at least a day before the party to ensure that there will be no spoiling. Common grilled foods for a BBQ in Singapore can be hot dogs, fish, pork, chicken and steak. You might want to add marshmallows too. Don’t miss out on the drinks! You can purchase soda or beer, and buy some potato chips to pair the drinks with from a supermarket in Singapore.

Make a Quick Check of Supplies

If you’re going to use a gas grill, check if your propane tank is full or has enough contents for the grilling. If you use a portable smoker or a barbecue pit, make sure you have enough charcoal too. Also, you might want to buy disposable plates, spoons and forks, and cups for your BBQ in Singapore. Use of these items avoids laborious dishwashing after the party. Not only that, your Singapore guests will have a realistic feel of the barbecue party if you use disposable items than silverwares. Whatever it is that you lack, buy them at least a day before the party so you don’t need to rush or cram. Purchase just a little more of what you need so don’t run out of supplies.

Prepare the Party Area

Even if you have an indoor barbecue party, arrange and prepare the party area as you would do in a backyard party for the BBQ in Singapore. Set up tables and play with different colors of tablecloths and centerpieces. It can be more fun if you set up a large dining table for your foods and drinks so your guests can freely come and get whenever they want to. Likewise, you can also move away some furniture to allow more space for the barbecue party. Add things that can be typically found outdoors and let your guests freely sit on the floor.

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