How to Have an Affordable Trip to London  


There is a possibility that we might go to London one of these days. Many Singaporeans think that London is hard to reach. Yes, going to London is not cheap but that does not mean that we have to squander our life savings to enjoy a trip there.


Many Singaporeans eye London because we were once from a British colony and many students head there to study every year. With this in mind, we can easily travel there. If we are serious about travelling to London, it is time that we make it happen. Here are some affordable tips for that romantic London escapade:

  • Flight: The good news here is that there are numerous flights from here to London and vice versa. If we choose off-peak periods, we can get tickets for as long as S$900. We have to avoid peak-periods (August, September, December, January, April, January and June) where students are crowding to get flights at the beginning of the school term. The best months include February, March, October and November.
  • Accommodation: If we know someone in London, we can stay with them while we are in London. If we do not have anyone, it is time that we look for affordable accommodation. London is a huge city and there are many affordable places to stay if we seriously look for it. We can head to AirBnB for instance where we can get a comfortable room within the central area for only $150 per night. When booking, we have to consider if the place is near Tube stations so we can move easily. If it is near Tube stations, it will suffice.


  • Shopping: For shopping enthusiasts, the London streets are full of fashion brands. If we are a student, we should bring our student pass so we can avail some of their discounts. If we do not want high fashion shopping, we can scour the Portobello Market and see what we can find. We have to remember though that we are not in London to shop. There are many shopping places in Singapore too!
  • Attractions: Brits love going to the museums and galleries. This is the reason why museums and galleries in London is free of any admission fee. We do not need to pay a single cent if we want to scrutinize artworks. If we want to visit London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s, it will cost us.
  • Dining: We have to be prepared because eating in London is not cheap at all. If we are there for a romantic getaway, we have to spend for a bit of comfort. The best thing that we can do is search for restaurants with affordable deals.


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