How to Organize Your Files Effectively

Files will surely pile up if we don’t do something about it. It will certainly clutter our living space and eventually it will claim our lives without us knowing. Let us avoid further build up of papers, folders, envelopes, disks, etc, by organizing them. With the right organizing, we will see a tidy space.

It is best to practice systematic organizing. It does not end after we pile things accordingly because we need to maintain it for as long as we can. We can systematically organize by doing the following things:



Gather all documents or files in the table. Sort them by thinking of where they are going or where you intend to put them. For example, if you have files stored in your computer, will you print it or just transfer it to a disk? If you want to print it, you have to secure boxes or envelopes but if you are the practical one, removable disks (floppy disks and floppy disks) will do. Papers will only clutter and they will consume more space. If we want to digitalize everything, we should always think of backing all up.

Label and order

Labelling is important. When you want to find an important file, you can save time and energy because one glance will tell you what’s inside. Labelling it will depend on your liking. You can label it by importance, topic, alphabetical order and date.


To preserve the integrity of your files, proper storing should be observed. For paper files, you should look for filing cabinets and make sure it is in good condition and not infested. Removable disks should be cased to keep it away from dust and scratches.