How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

In life, we fear a lot of things and it is completely natural. What’s not natural is not acknowledging it until it becomes too overwhelming and we cannot do anything about it. Fear is good because it keeps us alert, sane and safe. However, it is time that we face your fears and not hold back.


Surely, more opportunities will spring if we do not hold back. This article will reveal tips on how to overcome your fear of rejection. The fear of rejection is widespread not only here in Singapore but around the world. Losing approval from others is difficult but if you linger more, you are bounded hence you cannot do more.
It is time that you take charge of the fear and transform it positively. Here are some tips on how to overcome your fear of rejection:

• Remember times when you’d felt rejected: You fear rejection because you had past experiences. It is important that you remember the times when you’d felt rejected and contemplate on that. It may not be easy pinpointing the exact moment but for a start, you can close your eyes and imagine going back to the past.

• Now, think differently: Transforming your thoughts is very difficult especially if fear is imminent. However, you have to try. Again, close your eyes and use your creativity or imagination and rehearse the feeling of getting relaxed. Do this over and over again until you convince yourself that no harm will come to you. Experts usually use hypnosis to direct how one feels so he/she can think differently.


• Sometimes, distrust your assumptions: The thing is, when you make assumptions, you are almost sure of yourself that that person does not like you. What if you are wrong? Sometimes, you have to distrust your assumptions and go take that plunge. There are times that being less sure is less complicated than already determining the result.

• Assure yourself that you will survive and thrive: Actually, any kind of fear will lead everyone to think that it will be the ‘end of the world’. If you think this way, the more power the fear will yield. You need to assure yourself that it will not be the ‘end of the world’ for you because plenty of opportunities will come. If you think and assure yourself that you will survive and thrive despite the rejection, it will surely give you confidence.

If someone rejects us, we now know better. Do not for a second think that you are ‘destined to be alone’ or unlovable’.


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