How to Pick a Swimwear for Your Body Type

You don’t have to look like a runway model to wear a swimsuit when you go to the beach or pool, because there are ways to look good in a swimwear no matter what your body type is. Be honest with yourself and don’t be ashamed if you’re a little round on the waist.

Ladies, Find Your Shape!
There are five body types for women, such as the hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, athletic, and apple. If you’re not sure which your body type is, read the description below.

Hourglass: Both the shoulders are hips are of the same width and you have a well-defined waist
Triangle: The shoulders are wider than the hips
Inverted Triangle: The hips are wider than the shoulders
Athletic: Both the shoulders and hips are of the same width; the waist isn’t well-defined, the bust isn’t full, and the stomach isn’t rounded
Apple: Both the shoulders and the hips are of the same width; the waist isn’t well-defined, but you have a rounded stomach and a full bust

Once you have determined your body type, remember these tips when trying out swimwear:

Hourglass: Avoid tops and bottoms that are not matched, but you will look good with any type of cut
Triangle: Do not wear boy shorts, detailed bottoms or anything with busy prints; go for light prints, high-cut bottoms or a top with a plunging neckline
Inverted Triangle: Avoid bandeaus when picking swimwear; make sure that your top has enough support like the halter with an underwire; you can pair it with frilly bottoms
Athletic: Avoid bandeaus and go for swimwear with a lot of embellishments such as frills and triangle tops; avoid one-piece swimsuits as well
Apple: Avoid tops with thin straps and go for tops that provide support instead; a high-cut bottom will show off your curvy legs

Guys, Find Your Body Type!
Men should also pick swimwear according to their body types, which could be skinny, athletic, and wide.

Skinny: You have slender legs and slender waist
Athletic: You have a well-proportioned body
Wide: You look bulkier around the middle

When you know what your body type is, it will be easier to pick swimming trunks next time you go to the beach or pool.

Skinny: Go for slim-fit trunks that have horizontal patterns or stripes and are above the knee long
Athletic: You can wear any color, pattern, type, and length of trunks
Wide: Go for dark and solid-colored tie-waist trunks that are above-the-knee long; avoid elastic waistbands and printed trunks