Jewel Update

On December 7, 2014 Singaporeans cheered to the news that Changi Airport was given the accolade of “Leading Airport”. The award was given by the World Travel Awards which is the “Oscars” of the tourism industry.


Changi Airport never failed to awe the passengers. In an effort to bring out better experience, Jewel Changi Airport is underway. Crews broke ground early December to make way for the Jewel Changi Airport just outside the infamous Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 used to be a parking spot but the management decided to build an extensive structure covering 134,000 sqm (or about 1.4 million square feet) of land. Jewel will feature gems like:


  • Indoor forest: The good thing about Jewel is that it will feature indoor forests. The glass and steel biodome infrastructure seems ambitious but is possible.
  • Indoor waterfall: The forest will also feature indoor waterfall which is taunted as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.
  • Walking trails: It does not end there because there will be gardens and walking trails. While waiting for your next flight, walking in the gardens or trails will surely keep you busy and in awe. Speaking of gardens, you have to expect a butterfly and orchid garden.
  • Shops and leisure establishments: Airports will never be complete without shops and leisure establishments. The leisure complex for example spans ten floors (five under and five above ground levels).
  • Others: There’s a movie theatre and other amenities guaranteed to make the travels of people worthwhile.

Indeed, Changi Airport earned its spot. Singapore surely brings a lot of good things. Next thing you know it is already built and fully functioning. Let us wait for that moment.


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