Man’s Guide to Wearing a Necklace

A necklace is a beautiful piece of accessory but a lot of people fail to deliver the right message when they are wearing a necklace. Sometimes men tend to go overboard when it comes to wearing their accessories. This guide wants to help men wear necklaces the right way.

To start off, some of us already have our perfect necklace. As men, most of us would rather wear a necklace with more sentimental meaning rather than just another piece of accessory. Well, this is actually a great thing to do! Why not? Wearing a necklace that makes you feel confident is a great thing to do. Sometimes, our accessories is an extension of our personality just like our clothes. Sadly, what some men do not realize is that there is a proper way to wear your necklace.

First of all, you have to make sure that your necklace matches your outfit. You know the drill. When you are wearing a formal piece of clothing, your necklace is suppose to speak about professionalism more than just another casual attire. Matching your necklace with what you put on your wrist is a must! Wearing a silver or golden necklace while wearing a beaded bracelet isn’t really a good sight to see. Make sure that your outfit is still in harmony with the accessories you pick.

Now, how much is too much? Let’s get this straight, accessories are good but once you abuse your use of accessories, it does not give off a good impression. Your necklace is suppose to scream out confidence which is why if you are wearing five gold chains at the same time, it shows that you have way too much to prove and that you aren’t comfortable wearing just one. At the same time, wearing too much necklaces draw too much attention. Too much attention isn’t good for anyone as it gets mixed reviews rather than honest ones.

Here’s something you may have not realized, you should actually wear your necklace inside your shirt rather than flaunting it. Why? Because mystery is more attractive than someone who has to scream out what they are wearing. When you wear your necklace inside your shirt, you do not only display humility, you also display confidence, there is no need for everyone to get a glimpse of everything you have and it is better to show just a little and leave the rest to imagination rather than screaming out your outfit.

Find the perfect necklace for you and allow the necklace itself to give you confidence rather than the constant seeking for validation from the people around.