Newton Food Center – Nothing has Changed

Despite the many restaurants and food stalls established in Singapore, there is still one restaurant that is unique when it comes to recipes and signature dishes. This is Newton Food Center, a food hub that was built years ago. Even if the time has passed by, there are still no changes made in this food store that is why it is very popular in the country.


Newton Food Center is widely known by locals as the Newton Circus because aside from their appetizing, delightful and mouth-watering dishes, they have the most pleasant environment and commendable staff as well as happy and satisfied customers.

Here, you are not going to reserve some tables and chairs since you will have to grab one once you arrive at the venue. So, before you order your meals, be sure that you occupy a vacant seat to be comfortable while eating. Also, you have to be patient because it will probably take time ordering your food.


As being said, customers here are satisfied and happy not just about the food they eat but also because of the large crowd in the restaurant. This is a very busy place since there are many bookings made for a birthday celebration, family gatherings, wedding, christening and significant events in a person’s life.

Since Newton Food Center preserved its natural beauty until today, there’s no doubt that it can be recognized not just by its great and sumptuous meals but because of the good looks and praiseworthy staffs of the restaurant.



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