On Improving Skills: Learning Strategies  


If heading back to school is not an option as of this time or if we are looking for something while waiting for school to start, what better way to spend time than improving our skills? It is important that we do not waste our time if we want to be distinguished from the rest.


The good news is that there are different strategies that we can consider on improving our skill sets. We only need commitment and everything will follow. Here are the learning strategies that we should consider while waiting for school to start:

  • Virtual libraries: Nothing beats the feel of holding a book in a library however, modern technology allows us to download or stream virtual libraries with one click. There are many Singaporeans who consider virtual libraries because they are more economical and interactive not to mention the libraries are filled with thousands of media pretty much every topic under the sun. If we are looking to attend a virtual talk or seminar, this is the thing that we need. We only need to download iTunes and browse their iTunes University category.
  • Massively Open Online Courses: Massively Open Online Courses also called MOOC are interactive collaborations between educational institutions. MOOC websites offer different websites with various materials like problem sets, reading and videos of classes being streamed online for students worldwide. The good thing is that these courses are free. Many Singaporeans consider this but we do not normally use the completed courses to beef up our resumes.


  • Formal distance learning: Formal distance learning refer to students learning from instructors through print, video and other digital materials. The students are then assessed online or at designated learning centre.
  • Learning MS Excel: Learning MS Excel is an important skill set today. There are myriad of short videos that will teach us the basics and later advanced areas of MS Excel. The best part is that we can download files that we can use to practice.
  • Learning a new language: Learning a new language can make a difference at the end of the day. Perhaps Duolingo can help us in this endeavour. The website gives user exercises in order to learn new languages.
  • Getting to know modern oral history: Who says inspiration is hard to find? We can find inspiration from the narrations of modern people regarding life, love and work. There’s the StoryCorps that we can consider.

These strategies will surely equip us with the necessary skill and knowledge. Now that we know that strategies, we should not waste time and consider these at once.


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