Organizing Music the Easy Way

Everyone loves music and we all have our own collection of audio files. But as our collection grows, so does the difficulty of arranging our files. If we don’t organize our playlist, looking for a specific song will take longer. This can be a cause of frustration and annoyance.

This episode can be avoided if we spare some of our time organizing our playlist. Organizing the playlist is not that time consuming if we know what to do. We can use this as a guide:


Make sure the spelling is correct

We have to give credit to the artist. The least thing that we can do is type the correct spelling for their album, the song title and, of course, the artist’s name. If you don’t want to edit file details, then make sure you input the correct details when you first download the file.

Determine the format

The good thing about organizing is we have the freedom to determine the format. In this case, we are free to type the format we are comfortable. For example, we can choose to type first the title of the song followed by the name of the artist and finally the album it is from or the other way around. We just have to make sure the format is followed strictly.

Name the playlist

To find songs easier and faster, it is advisable to put them in the proper playlist. We can name the playlist according to genre (Pop, Rock, Mellow, etc.), time (1980’s hits, the best of 2000, etc.), or artist (Whitney Houston, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.).