Picking out the Perfect Colors

Fashion is an important statement because it is sort of an extension of our personality. It always pays to invest in your looks and grooming. You may think of it as people being a bit too superficial but in all honestly, it is much easier to respect someone who respects the way they look. Fashion’s goal shouldn’t be to look the best. Instead, it should be to bring out the best in you!

It’s undeniable, there are certain styles and fashion trends that work better for some people rather than others. Now, how do we know which ones fit us? Well, this article is going to explain to you how to pick up the perfect colors for your wardrobe. Color says a lot about your personality but then again, you should still always agree with what your appearance says for you to be able to carry your looks in perfect harmony.

It is usually harder for you to look convincing if your looks do not make sense. Certain things go together with certain things and some things just don’t go well with others. Now, how do we tell which color schemes work great for us? Well, here is a tip, take a piece of silver jewelry and take a piece of gold jewelry. Put them on the back side of your hand. Now, which hand looks more attractive? The one with the silver or the one with the gold? If the one with the silver looks good, this means you should stick to a more contemporary color scheme while if the hand with gold looks better, you will be able to rock brighter and more vibrant colors.

There are benefits in rocking a contemporary color scheme as to a more colorful vibrant one and vice versa. For those of you who look good with silver, your clothes shouldn’t be too colorful but of course, some color is still very much appreciated. The good part about wearing contemporary clothing is that it is not begging attention but rather gives off a mysterious and very professional approach.

If gold looks better, then you have the right to be a very colorful person! Wait up! Before you start mixing up colors, it should still be understood that there are some colors that work well with others and that there are other colors that do not look good together at all. The hard part with having a lot of color involved in your wardrobe is mixing and matching. Color gives a lot of personality and screams out the perfect words woven into their clothing even before you get to talk to them.

Having the best clothes don’t matter, you should wear something that makes YOU look YOUR best.

Man’s Guide to Wearing a Necklace

A necklace is a beautiful piece of accessory but a lot of people fail to deliver the right message when they are wearing a necklace. Sometimes men tend to go overboard when it comes to wearing their accessories. This guide wants to help men wear necklaces the right way.

To start off, some of us already have our perfect necklace. As men, most of us would rather wear a necklace with more sentimental meaning rather than just another piece of accessory. Well, this is actually a great thing to do! Why not? Wearing a necklace that makes you feel confident is a great thing to do. Sometimes, our accessories is an extension of our personality just like our clothes. Sadly, what some men do not realize is that there is a proper way to wear your necklace.

First of all, you have to make sure that your necklace matches your outfit. You know the drill. When you are wearing a formal piece of clothing, your necklace is suppose to speak about professionalism more than just another casual attire. Matching your necklace with what you put on your wrist is a must! Wearing a silver or golden necklace while wearing a beaded bracelet isn’t really a good sight to see. Make sure that your outfit is still in harmony with the accessories you pick.

Now, how much is too much? Let’s get this straight, accessories are good but once you abuse your use of accessories, it does not give off a good impression. Your necklace is suppose to scream out confidence which is why if you are wearing five gold chains at the same time, it shows that you have way too much to prove and that you aren’t comfortable wearing just one. At the same time, wearing too much necklaces draw too much attention. Too much attention isn’t good for anyone as it gets mixed reviews rather than honest ones.

Here’s something you may have not realized, you should actually wear your necklace inside your shirt rather than flaunting it. Why? Because mystery is more attractive than someone who has to scream out what they are wearing. When you wear your necklace inside your shirt, you do not only display humility, you also display confidence, there is no need for everyone to get a glimpse of everything you have and it is better to show just a little and leave the rest to imagination rather than screaming out your outfit.

Find the perfect necklace for you and allow the necklace itself to give you confidence rather than the constant seeking for validation from the people around.

The Saddest Songs the Broken-Hearted Should Listen To

If you need to let it all out, what better way to do it than to listen to the saddest songs ever composed? Cry out to your heart’s content to these beautiful but haunting pieces.

1. “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash
This song was originally performed by Nine Inch Nails and was used a cover by Johnny Cash before the latter’s death. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll know why a lot of people consider this the saddest song ever.

2. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton
This song about the loss of a loved one was written when Eric Clapton’s son Conor fell from their apartment.

3. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones
The song is about a friend who has never given up hope that the love of his life would come back one day, but she showed up only when he died. How can that not bring tears to your eyes?

4. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Hank Williams
Hank Williams wrote this during the time he and his wife were going through difficult times.

5. “My Immortal” by Evanescence
A lot people who have lost a loved one can relate to the message of this song about memories that you want to go away because the person is no longer around.

6. “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.
It’s a song that will remind you that everyone will go through difficult times and that you need to hold on.

7. “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam
The songs tells about lovers who went out on a date and crashed their car. The girl drew her last breath and asked for one last kiss.

8. “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber
Based on Samuel Barber’s String Quartet, the song doesn’t have any lyrics, but the melody will leave you teary-eyed.

9. “All My Love” by Led Zeppelin
The song was written by the lead singer Robert Plant for his son who died while the band was on tour.

10. “Keep Me in Your Heart” by Warren Zevon
Warren Zevon knew he was dying when he wrote this song for his family and friends. He was reminding them not to forget him when he’s gone.

11. “Pale Blue Eyes” by The Velvet Underground
The song is about a man who loves a married woman. What could be more tragic?

12. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt
A woman knows the man can’t love him in return. It’s the perfect song for those who are almost ready to give up their love.

13. “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed
The lines “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening” is so timely today in a world that relies on technology to connect with people.

14. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor
What could be more appropriate after a break-up than this song about a lover who still hasn’t recovered from the pain.

The 10 Best War Novels

Are you tired of war movies and would rather read a more detailed novel? Here are ten war novels you shouldn’t miss.

1. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
Based on the experiences of the World War I veteran and writer Erich Maria Remarque, the book details the hardships experienced by the German soldier Paul Baumer when his class was sent to the Western Front.

2. The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk
Correspondent Robert Fisk put together the articles he wrote during his coverage of the Middle East from the Arab-Israeli conflict to the Algerian Civil War that ended in 2002.

3. Weep Not, Child by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
The first East African novel to be published in English, it details the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya that lasted for 8 years. The book focuses on the story of Njoroge who is pursuing education despite the conflict.

4. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford
One of the world’s greatest leaders, Genghis Khan’s impressive rise to power is detailed in the book as well as his influence on Western civilization. The author argues that Genghis Khan’s image is far from that of a barbaric ruler that most European writers tend to depict him.

5. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
This novel is told from the various points of view of different characters, particularly that of Capt. John Yossarian in Pianosa. He and the other soldiers are trying to avoid death while fulfilling their missions, a duty they can’t escape unless they are declared mentally incapable.

6. The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer
Writer Norman Mailer was inspired by his experiences as part of the 112th Cavalry Regiment in World War II when he wrote the novel. It focuses on the platoon assigned in the island of Anopopei who must drive out the Japanese forces.

7. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
A submarine commander and his officers are planning to defect to the US because he was dissatisfied with the Soviet Union’s failures. CIA analyst Jack Ryan has to assist the Soviet commander during the process.

8. The Debacle by Emile Zola
The novel is set at the time France declared war on Prussia and when the Prussian army crossed the Rhine and invaded France. The Debacle is part of Emile Zola’s Les Rougon-Macquart 20-part series.

9. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
W.P. Inman deserted from the Confederate Army during the American Civil war so he can return to his beloved Ada Monroe despite being wounded.

10. The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian of Nicomedia
This text is a chronological account of Alexander the Great’s rise to power, his conquest of the Persian Empire, and his death in 323 BC. Scholars refer to this work as the most reliable source of Alexander’s achievements.

Easy and Practical Tips To Help You Live a Minimalist Life

Minimalism, or the practice of using/owning only the essential, has been a recent trend in various industries for quite some time now. This act has been revered to as living a life that is ‘simple’, and in the modern setting where the image of bustling crowds, rushing cars, and the growing noise and light pollution is common, one can understand why this simplistic lifestyle appeals to a number of people.

Not only do you see minimalism observed in taking photos, but it can also be applied to the possessions you own. The thing about the minimalism is that you can apply the discipline to a lot of aspects. If you’re daring, you may even be a minimalist when it comes to cooking. Artists themselves have adapted minimalism even in the past.
However, you can also apply minimalism to your own life and spark a change in your lifestyle in general!

Cut back on excessive food
Consumption is one things we should pay attention to. Applying a minimalistic approach to our eating habits, we need to make sure that what we eat is both useful to the body and joyful to our moods. We need to take good care of our bodies, after all. Cut back on consuming foods that are rich in sugar and preservatives, regardless of how tempting they are. Instead, replace them with whole and healthy foods!

Cut down on your clothes
It’s about time to let go of the pile of clothing you haven’t touched in years. Old clothing items we hold close to heart carry the memories and the golden days of the past, but practically speaking, they only gather dust inside our closet. A minimalist approach towards your untouched piles of clothing is to let go of them — either you sell them on a garage sale or donate them to those who are in need. With that,

Donate unused items to charity institutions
The untouched items in your house may only accumulate as time passes. While you are saving some items in case of an urgent need, chances are there might still be things you won’t ever use again; such as your first ever skateboard or your childhood bicycle. Instead of leaving them around the house, make a good use out of the said item and donate it to charity. Learn the practice of giving what you don’t use and possessing only what you need.

Let go of what needs to be forgotten/discarded
Although this also applies to tangible objects, adapting a “letting go” mentality is important if you seek to adapt a minimalist lifestyle. Learn how to meditate, stay focused on the present, and utilize self-care regularly. Accept that there are things we need to let go. Having such an attitude will help us progress towards other areas of our own lives.

Step Up Your Makeup Game by Adding Glitter to Your Look

Your usual makeup routine can get a little boring and bland as time passes by. With that, it is important to kick things up a notch whether it is using a new shade of lipstick or choosing to add a dash of glitter onto your finished look. Don’t worry about the latter, though. Even if there’s a stigma attached to glitter being harmful on the skin, there are actually make-up products sold in the market which are pure glitter goodness.

Glitter undoubtedly makes your look magical, as it adds more life to the masterpiece you’ve created on your facial canvas. It doesn’t have to be outrageous. While it is a perfect look for partying or heading out to the club on a Friday night, applying it in all the right places makes it suitable even for your everyday go-to makeup look.

Outer corner of the eyes
One trend on glitter makeup is the glitter cat-eye look. Combined with the sleek brush of a dark eyeliner, the addition of glitter makes the look stand out in the crowd. Well, a little sparkle to your everyday look won’t hurt. If anything, you’re unleashing your fun and creative side to the crowd.

Dab the glitter on the eyes’ outer corner and keep it above your lash line. Following the natural curve of your eye is one guaranteed way to make your eyes look broader, bigger, and much more sparkly!

Inner corner of the eyes
If you can dab a little glitter on the outer corner of your eyes, you can surely add a small amount on the inner corner as well. It is considered to be a simple and effortless way to step up your everyday eye look. With the added shine, you are surely bound for a new and exciting appearance! Make use of a glittery eyeshadow, or if you don’t have one — feel free to use your Highlighter powder as an alternative.

Adding glitter onto your eyes through an eyeliner is likely the most favorite approach of most beauty gurus. Not only does it have easy application but it also doesn’t turn your look too outrageous. If you’re heading to a party, a gold glitter eyeliner on your top lid is one way to perfect your makeup look. Finish it off by adding thick layers of mascara and a coat of red lipstick.

Glittered gloss
This list won’t be complete without the mention of the iconic glitter gloss. Using one will make your lips appear fuller in just a matter of minutes. There are gloss sold in the market which can easily give you the perfect illusion of a plumper pout, making your lips look sexier than ever. Its sheer finish can also be layered over your favorite go-to lipstick.

Kitchen Hacks

Okay, maybe not all of us has enough resources, space, or whatever it is to have a complete kitchen. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a good cooking session. There are certain things in the kitchen that allow you to cook good meals even without having a complete kitchen set. The modern day individual has to be able to compromise and make the most out of what they have. Luckily for us, technology has caught up with us in a way that allows us to cook a great variety of dishes without having it all.

Technology is an amazing thing and there are now a lot of different equipment that allow us to cook a great meal at home. There isn’t really an excuse for you to cook a good meal even without extravagant equipment in the kitchen. Well, let’s take a look at some.

1. Electric stove
Now, his is a great addition to your home! There isn’t anything complicated about the electric stove. It’s just really easy to use. The great thing about the electric stove is that you don’t need a specific space to put it. You can easily put your electric stove away once you’re done using it. This is far from survival, the electric stove is a great equipment to have at your place. You’ll be able to cook more than jus a decent meal, you’ll be able to cook an excellent meal!

2. Toaster-oven
The toaster-oven! Let’s say you’ve made a meal and you can’t finish it, not a problem! The toaster-oven is a great way to reheat leftovers for later use. Well, not all of us eat leftovers. But for those who do, this would be an awesome addition. The great thing about the toaster oven is the fact that you get to make really good dishes too! Okay, let’s say you’re running late and you have a can of goodness which you won’t have time to cook. Put it in a plate, put it in the toaster-oven and voila! You have really quick meal. You can even use this to heat water faster for your noodles!

3. Rice cooker
The rice cooler is one of the most amazing inventions ever! Not only can it be used to cook rice, it can be used to make soup as well! Oh, did we forget to mention you can also use this as a steamer? Well, yes you can! There are a lot of dishes you can make with a rice cooker. This is definitely a must have in the kitchen.

You don’t need a great kitchen to cook great food. With these three at your place, you wouldn’t have a problem cooking a great meal at home.

Why Invest in Kitchenware?

Okay, so maybe not everyone is a fan of cooking. But for those who are, this article is for you. Now, let’s assume that you already have a kitchen that may not be something really fancy or with a lot of space and fully packed withthe latest equipment. Let’s all start from scratch. How important is your kitchen to you? If your answer is nowhere near the utmost highest, maybe investing in quality kitchenware might not be you thing. But for others who cook on a regular basis maybe for their family or maybe even for yourselves, you understand how important the kitchen is, even to the point of supreme reverence.

The moment you own a kitchen, that sudden posession gives birth to the urge to fully stack your kitchen as soon as possible. The hardest part of owning a kitchen is not being satisfied with the amount of equipment and utensiles in your kitchen. This feeling, this sudden craving to complete your kitchen, this is what usually pushes you to sacrifice quality to get your kitchen done as soon as possible. There could also be another scenario, maybe you’re on a budget? It’s usually hard to see the value of things looking through the goggles of your price range. Although we do not encourage excessive spending, we also do not promote the thought of settling for the lowest quality of equipment and utensils because of your budget. In fact, we just want you to spend the perfect amount on the perfect equipment.

The quality of your cooking is undoubtedly effected by how much you invest in your kitchen. We’re not just talking about the price, but also the amount of effort and patience you pour into searching for the perfect additions for your kitchen. Now, this can be a bit tricky. A lot of the best and most expensive equipment usually sponsored high end chefs which is why the price of the equipment usually tends to go up. Well, we aren’t looking for that. Unless of course you can afford those kinds of equipment, why not? We’re looking for equipment within your budget that is also undoubtedly of quality beyond comparison. It’s usually hard to find the best equipment at an affordable cost but here’s a tip, know where to look!

Having a friend who actually works as a chef is a great advantage but then again, if you haven’t any, there are still ways you can ask around. You can even go to your favorite restaurants and request to talk to the chefs or managers but then you’d have to be really smart. Start by complimenting their food and asking them if they are using a certain type of equipment to cook their food and if they aren’t, then you get to ask them which type of equipment they are actually using.