Picking out the Perfect Colors

Fashion is an important statement because it is sort of an extension of our personality. It always pays to invest in your looks and grooming. You may think of it as people being a bit too superficial but in all honestly, it is much easier to respect someone who respects the way they look. Fashion’s goal shouldn’t be to look the best. Instead, it should be to bring out the best in you!

It’s undeniable, there are certain styles and fashion trends that work better for some people rather than others. Now, how do we know which ones fit us? Well, this article is going to explain to you how to pick up the perfect colors for your wardrobe. Color says a lot about your personality but then again, you should still always agree with what your appearance says for you to be able to carry your looks in perfect harmony.

It is usually harder for you to look convincing if your looks do not make sense. Certain things go together with certain things and some things just don’t go well with others. Now, how do we tell which color schemes work great for us? Well, here is a tip, take a piece of silver jewelry and take a piece of gold jewelry. Put them on the back side of your hand. Now, which hand looks more attractive? The one with the silver or the one with the gold? If the one with the silver looks good, this means you should stick to a more contemporary color scheme while if the hand with gold looks better, you will be able to rock brighter and more vibrant colors.

There are benefits in rocking a contemporary color scheme as to a more colorful vibrant one and vice versa. For those of you who look good with silver, your clothes shouldn’t be too colorful but of course, some color is still very much appreciated. The good part about wearing contemporary clothing is that it is not begging attention but rather gives off a mysterious and very professional approach.

If gold looks better, then you have the right to be a very colorful person! Wait up! Before you start mixing up colors, it should still be understood that there are some colors that work well with others and that there are other colors that do not look good together at all. The hard part with having a lot of color involved in your wardrobe is mixing and matching. Color gives a lot of personality and screams out the perfect words woven into their clothing even before you get to talk to them.

Having the best clothes don’t matter, you should wear something that makes YOU look YOUR best.