Reasons Behind Choosing Foreign Work Assignment

There are many work opportunities here in Singapore but despite that, there are people who think that that is not enough. These people are prepared to uproot themselves and go to a foreign country to seek work. That is their choice.


2014 BCG of The Network surveyed and analysed 203,756 respondents. The survey revealed top reasons behind choosing foreign work assignment. Here are some reasons:

  • About 65% agreed that they choose foreign work assignment to broaden their personal experience.
  • The same number (65%) also choose foreign work assignment to acquire work experience.
  • About 59% agreed that they choose foreign work assignment for better career opportunities.
  • 58% of workers settled for foreign work assignments because of attractive job offers.
  • You may think that salary prospect is the top reason but it turned out only 56% of people eye this.


  • 55% of workers who choose foreign work assignments bring the whole family because they think that the foreign place offers better standard of living.
  • 54% decide to choose foreign work assignments because they think they have the ability to live in a different culture.
  • 53% think that they can live in a foreign country. They are doing it for the challenge it presents.
  • 47% wants to learn a new language that is why they choose foreign work assignments.
  • Only 45% wants to meet new people and build their networks.

Why do you work? Some work to provide for the family while others work for self-improvement. Regardless of your reason, it is important that you stand by it no matter what happens. If you are quite satisfied here in Singapore, why move?


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