Singaporean Fashion Labels


Aside from having internationally known fashion labels, Singapore also has its own local fashion lines that should not only be familiar to Singaporeans but also to tourists looking for great clothes and other fashion items at cheap prices. Here are some of Singapore’s local fashion labels.


Mash-up: Started by LASALLE College of Arts graduates Shaf Amis’aabudin, Nathaniel Ng and Daniela Tan, this fashion line focuses on a combination of different fashion trends much like musical mash-ups, hence the name of the line. The designers’ target audiences are young adults and the older teenagers. Thus, they drew their inspiration mainly from popular culture and incorporated bright colors together with graphic designs.

Pauline Ning: Designer Pauline Lim is another graduate of LASALLE College of Arts. What makes this fashion label stand out is that Pauline Lim draws her inspiration from historical artifacts through hours of research in the library. The focuses of this line are on neutral colors as opposed to the bright ones, and on geometrical shapes.

20:TwoThree: Designed by Genevieve Goh, who did not receive any formal schooling in fashion, this line aims disregard existing fashion rules and to encourage their consumers to explore their own fashion sense and awareness. With that, the designer also discourages gender rules in fashion by designing androgynous clothing fit for both men and women.

singapore fashion label 20 TWOTHREE ss14 DECOR 4

Foreword: Evelyn Ang, a fashion-marketing graduate, and Pearly Wee, an IT graduate, design this line. The focus of this fashion label is on loose clothing for women. Thus, the line is ideal for women who choose to be active while maintaining a fashionable look. Most pieces found in their line are ready to wear to avoid any fuss and hassle for the busy consumer.

DEPRESSION: As the name of the line suggests, this stemmed from a time when the designers Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim were in respective times of depression. They named it as such as a reminder of how far they’ve come since the time of their depression. However, the designs aren’t as depressing as the name of the label.

DEPRESSION focuses on unisex designs that incorporate edgy yet dark humor. The sense of irony in how they incorporate certain fashion elements create an eerie look and feel into their designs that have become increasingly popular not only for locals but also for popular western celebrities.

Singapore FASHIONlabel Depression Autumn Winter 2013 DECOR MENS

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