The Beauty Kitchen: Whipping Homemade Beauty Treatments


We need to take care of ourselves if we want to look good. Many Singaporeans consider the not so economical way of pampering – salons or spas. For those who do not want to burn their wallets when payday is just not yet on its way, we have to consider our beauty kitchen.


We can scour our kitchen for different ingredients that can help us with our skin for instance. The challenge here is what to consider? This article will supply us with different ingredients and mixtures that are good for the skin. Here are simple ingredients that are pocket-friendly:

Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea has many health benefits from anti-inflammatory to fighting free radicals. Not all Singaporeans know that chamomile tea mixed with powdered milk can soothe sensitive skin. It does not end there because chamomile tea is also known for its pore-tightening and skin relaxing qualities. If we want to pamper our feet especially after the long day at the office, we can use chamomile tea and make tea soak.

We need three to four bags if chamomile tea and water. After securing ingredients, we should put hot water in a small bowl with the tea bags and let it steep in the water for ten minutes. Next thing to do is separate the tea bags and from the tea and put the tea in the basin filled with warm water. We can now put our feet for fifteen minutes.



Bananas contain vitamin B6 which can maintain the skin elasticity. Bananas also contain vitamin A which replenish moisture levels of skin. We can make a mask out of it. We only need banana of course and one tablespoon honey. We should mash the baba first in a bowl and mix the money until banana turns brown. Before applying the mask, we have to wash our face first and apply it. We can leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse it afterwards.


Coffee is known to decrease the appearance of cellulite and is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities – which is best for puffy under eye circles. We only need two cups of ground coffee, one half cup of raw sugar and two tablespoon of olive oil. We should mix all the ingredients in one bowl. Before applying it, we have to prepare the skin by taking hot shower to open the pores. While in the shower, we can start scrubbing our skin with the mixture. After that, we should rinse it with cold water.


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