Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer  


There are plenty of opportunities here in Singapore. We only need to look for the right one so we can grow old happy and fulfilled of what we are doing. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans jump from one job to another because they did not properly understand the job before actually accepting it. Jumping from one job to another is not good for our resume and it is not good either to explain to a prospective employer what went wrong with the previous job.


The best thing that we should do is evaluate a job offer before actually accepting it. Accepting the job offer might be good for us or otherwise. Regardless, if we think hard, we will surely find the answer. The key here is not to rush things and act desperately for that pay check. Remember, if we accept a job without thinking carefully, we might be in a disadvantaged position in the near future.

Next time, when we are given a job offer, we have to evaluate the opportunity. Here are some ways on how to evaluate our opportunities:

  • Follow the process: Employers and employees have this sense of urgency when they talk about jobs. If this happens, both parties will be doomed. It is crucial that we do not rush things. Employers might rush but we have to know the job well so it might not create nuisances in the future. A careful hiring process can benefit the employers and the employee. So, no matter how tedious the process, we have to respect it and go accordingly.


  • Have a vision of where things will lead: Employees only say yes just for the pay check. There are some who never question their skills and what they can do. This will lead to disaster. When accepting a job, it is important that we evaluate our skills and where it will lead us. We do not want to send our resignations after few months because we realized we cannot keep up to our task or role.

Now, we know how to assess or evaluate a job offer. If we follow these, we will make fewer mistakes when accepting a job offer. We have to put in my mind that fewer mistakes makes our stay in the company happier. There is no need to jump from one job to another. We just need to think it through and not push things if we do not like it.


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