To Buy or Not to Buy: The New Apple Watch  

The Apple Watch is the tech world’s hottest item today, and Apple announced more of its details—specs, release date, and price—at an event in San Francisco on March 9. So before it goes on sale on the 24th of April, let’s see and find out why you may or may not want to buy this no-ordinary watch.


Why BUY the Apple Watch?

1. It gives extra motivation to get moving. With its haptic sensor, the watch can track your movements and send you reminders, via haptic pulses and on-screen display, to get moving and exercising.

2. It redefines the use of your phone. Since the watch can be synced with your iPhone, it brings some of your phone’s functionality to your wrist. Wearing the Apple Watch allows you to view notification, send a receive messages, control music, use Siri, and more.

3. It has a growing number of third-party apps. Unlike other smart watches that don’t have existing app developers, the Apple Watch has an existing army of developers ready to recreate their app for the watch. Imagine the convenience to check your account or complete a task right on your wrist.


4. It offers several style options to meet your preference. Designed to appeal to a variety of consumers, from the sporty ones to the trendy people, Apple has created their watch in three different styles of casing for each collection: (1) anodized aluminum for Watch Sport collection, (2) gold for the Watch Edition collection, and (3) stainless steel for the Watch collection. The band material and buckle closure also comes in several selections for a more customized look.

Why NOT BUY the Apple Watch?

1. It has limited compatibility. To be able to make the watch work its best, you’ll need an iPhone 5 or later that runs iOS 8. Any later than that, or say your phone is an Android, you may not get the most bang for your buck, which should not be the case because…

2. It can cost as much as US$17,000! To that lavish point, the 18-karat gold collection costs US$17,000 a piece, which should be around SG$23,000 when converted to local currency. On the other hand, the watch is also available for a much cheaper price of US$350 per unit for the entry-level Sport Watch collection.

When it comes to buying gadgets these days, it pays a lot to examine both of the pros and cons. So if you’re planning to own one of Apple’s smartwatch, let this be your guide for deciding whether it’s a good buy or not.


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