Travelling Alone? The 5 Safest Cities to Visit in 2015  

Whether you are a seasoned nomad or a first-time traveller, your security and safety should always be the number one priority, most especially when travelling alone. When going solo, be more cautious when travelling and always find out beforehand whether a destination has low crime rates, protected against cyber attacks, and well-prepared for sudden diseases.


If you’re planning of travelling this year, check out this countdown for 2015’s safest cities to visit.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With universal healthcare systems, European cities generally perform well in terms f protecting their people against disease outbreaks. Amsterdam is just a small city—with around 780,000 people, which makes it easier for authorities to deliver safe urban environment for both its residents and visitors.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Apart from boasting a very low crime rate, Stockholm has ‘green’ policies that make its environment a healthy and safe for its people. It also has festivals dedicated to the passing of seasons, making your visit in the city a lot more fun and memorable.

  1. Osaka, Japan

Even with its impressive tourism rate, Osaka still manages to keep a reputation for being one of Asia’s cleanest and safest cities. Moreover, it’s magical mix of old and new sights made tourists all from over the world fall head over heels with this Asian city.

Day 141 | Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

  1. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Singapore is indeed safe, lah! Apart from having an impressively low crime rate, it also is the world’s cleanest city. Plus, the fact that almost all Singaporeans speak English, exploring the city is made even easier for first-timers.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is another Asian country that tops this list. Apart from delicious sushi and noodles and the ever popular Disneyland and DisneySea, the city boasts a remarkable score for personal safety, digital security, and infrastructure safety, despite the threats of earthquakes.

Travelling should not only be about mouth-watering cuisines and breathtaking sights. Above anything else, your safety should be the major deal when visiting places you’ve never been before.


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