Travelling on Budget

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities one can do in his life. While some people think that travelling is only for those people who can afford it, the truth is, travelling is for everyone, even for those who have tight budget. Worry not if you do not have money because you can still travel despite this, and here is how.


    • Travel places near your place. Travelling does not mean going out of the country or far from your home. Sometimes, the best place you can go to is just a bus ride away. If you are on a tight budget, this means it is time for you to discover travel opportunities near your place. Through this, you are not only travelling, you are also turning mundane places into something more special.
    • Book flights and buy tickets ahead of time. Plan ahead so that you can book flights and buy tickets ahead of time. Through this, one can buy travel tickets at a much cheaper
    • Get an internship abroad. Another wise way for one to travel on a low cost is through internship abroad. Through this, one can work and travel at the same time. Most abroad internships have board and lodging for free, so you will not worry about this. All you have to do is work and travel on your free time.
    • Be an exchange student. The same way as having an internship abroad, being an exchange student abroad also gives you the chance not only to study and learn in a foreign school but also to travel a new place.
    • Try hitchhiking. If you are the type of person who can easily get along with strangers, one way for you to travel at a low cost is to try hitchhiking. Prepare your sturdy boots for the hiking and your interesting stories once you get a hitch.
    • Pack everything you need. Instead of buying things like food, toiletries and clothing, pack them all before you travel. Cook your own food, have enough clothes and take free toilets and baths.
    • Travelling entails discovering new places, meeting new people and tasting new food, and one can achieve all these at a low cost.Travelling


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