Wedding Forum Etiquette

Joining and participating in an online wedding forum can be fun as this can be an avenue for you to meet and interact with other brides and brides-to-be. Wedding forums are indeed informative. They can be a great source for your wedding planning and preparations, especially if you are a bride-to-be who is planning to have a DIY wedding.

In wedding forums, you can open almost anything that is wedding related in Singapore. You can talk about wedding venues, bridal packages, honeymoon destinations, even relationship matters. However, while you are free to open up and interact with the rest of the world, you still need to observe proper etiquette on posting in Singapore wedding forums.

1. It pays to read the rules, guidelines, and policies set by the wedding forum before posting a thread or answering a question for the first time. Wedding forums regulate and control their discussions on such grounds.
2.Before posting a thread, check if the topic has already been brought up and talked about by previous members.
3.Whenever you post a thread in the wedding forum in Singapore use a meaningful and sensible title for it. Make sure that it is connected to your subtopic or question.
4.Unless there is a designated section in the wedding forum where you are allowed to promote your product or service that is related to weddings, it is not right to talk about your business. Moreover, don’t promote your business that is not wedding related in a wedding forum. Chances are the admin of the certain forum will just remove your thread.
5.It’s correct to be civil in forums. Should there be any personal differences between you and another member, you must settle that through email or personal message and not through thread replies that can be read by everyone.
6.Always stay on topic. Don’t talk about anniversary surprise ideas in a thread about the pros of having a beach wedding.
7.In case of spammers, it is not right to respond to them through the board. You can send talk to them through a private message or report them to the admin.
8.Don’t create a post which will require the members to download a large attachment. If need be, you can simply explain what is the attachment all about, or better yet, just post the link to the page containing the information you want to share.

9.Make your posts readable by all members. Use plain text instead of HTML.
10.For other members to understand what you are trying to say, observe correct grammar and spelling. As much as possible, avoid using slang.
11.Don’t ever post the same reply more than once in one thread. Also, don’t cross post. This means to say posting the same message in other forums.
12.It’s give-and-take in Singapore wedding forums. Don’t just keep on asking other brides and brides-to-be for help in your personal concerns. Try to answer their questions and help them in their concerns as much as you can.
13.Refrain from using all caps in your posts. Also, a single exclamation point is enough to express your enthusiasm or surprise.
14.Don’t post a new topic on somebody’s thread as this can interrupt the discussion. You can always post a new and separate thread for that.
15.Refrain from starting a personal conversation with another member in somebody else’s thread. You can do that through email or private message.

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