What to do and Where to go in Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous tourist spots here in Singapore. It is famous for its super trees which are 50 metres high. These skyscrapers’ like trees are all man-made using materials like steel, concrete and wire rods to make the figure of giant trees.


Gardens by the Bay will be developed by creating conservatories of plant and in order for it to be hailed as the “Botanical Capital of the World.” There are a lot of activities people can do in Gardens by the Bay. First among these is photography. For photography enthusiasts, this place is an interesting subject because of the giant trees’ architectural design. There are also bridges that connect these trees which enables photographers to go near.

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Nonetheless, Gardens by the Bay is also a good subject from afar especially during the night when its lights are on. Flora and fauna enthusiasts will consider Gardens by the Bay heaven because of its wide array of plant and flower collections. In the different parts of the garden, in Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Conservatories, are nurseries and plant and flower conservatories.

During weekends there are also a lot of different events here such as musical events, photography and arts exhibit and plants and flowers display. Whether you are in Gardens by the Bay for the said activities or you are just here for a walk, Gardens by the Bay surely will not fail anyone.


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