What Will Singapore Face This Year?

The beginning of the year is always the exciting part. Singaporeans are always anticipating what the new year will bring especially that this year Singapore will celebrate its 50th year. This is a milestone and it should be celebrated with vigour. Singaporeans are looking forward to a fruitful year ahead.


However, it is better if you know what the year will bring so you can be prepared. There will always be an event that can make or break a country. For Singapore, there are many possibilities but the important thing is that you are resilient. Here are some things that you need to expect this year:

  • Societal threat: Singapore is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation. The risk is clear – disharmony. If locals and foreigners do not regulate their behaviours and expressions, the nation will crumble. Everyone should be mindful of their actions whether it is in the physical world or in the cyber world because it will always have a bearing.
  • Financial threat: There are people here who enjoy financial freedom here but there are others who barely make enough to make both ends meet. This year, financial constraints are not making things better. If you heard the sentiments of the Prime Minister in his New Year’s message, you will gather that the productivity is weak. He said that if the trend goes on, incomes will not continue to rise. This is threatening.


  • Political threat: It was mentioned earlier that Singapore will celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence. The government claim that there will be a year-long party. This celebration will give tribute to the history and the accomplishment of the nation since its independence. It does not end there because for this year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) will culminate their new style of politics. PAP has many policy adjustments but there are people who are not happy about it. Expect the introduction of the Medishield Life and some alterations to the Central Provident Fund.

These threats are present but not yet realized. In the face of threats, you only need to surpass it so you will survive. Even if it is hard, you have to remain strong and sturdy just like Singapore who experienced a lot but still thrive.

You have to know that these threats are not easy to handle and it will definitely cause a stir in the community but you have to be proud and look into the future with enthusiasm. The world is full of treats and confronting it is the best way to live.


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