What You Need to Know about Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Plug-in hybrid cars are the next big thing here in Singapore. There are people who are not familiar about plug-in cars and this article is for them. Plug-in hybrid cars are alternatively called plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV). These cars make use of rechargeable batteries or other energy storage devices by connecting to a plug as an external power source.


There are many car manufacturers who made progress with plug-in hybrid cars. In fact, there are models that are available in the market like the Porsche Panamera, Volvo, BMW 3 Series, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and many others. If you want to know about the car’s technology, you should read further:

  • Powertrains: The plug-in hybrid cars are based on three powertrain infrastructure – series hybrid, parallel hybrids and series-parallel hybrids. Series hybrid makes use of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). The Parallel hybrids make use of two distinct sources to simultaneously transmit power. Series-parallel hybrids can operate in parallel and series mode.
  • Charging systems: There are batteries and there are power grids. If you are charging the batteries, you have to make use of DC charger. DC charger can be located in the on-board (inside the car), off-board (garage or dedicated charging stations), electric motor’s inverter (motor windings act as transformer coils).
  • Modes of operation: Regardless of its infrastructure, plug-in hybrid cars have two modes that are referred as blended or mixed mode. It can be charge-sustaining and charge-depleting.


  • Fuel efficiency: The fuel efficiency of the plug-in hybrid cars depend on its powertrain, driving between charges and the all-electric range. If you do not use gasoline, the miles per gallon gasoline equivalent rest on the efficiency of its electric system.
  • Smog: Plug-in hybrid cars are free of gas emissions which contribute to the reduction of smog. Smog is detrimental to the population.

The demand for electric vehicles is driven by the government here in Singapore. There is no doubt that plug-in hybrid cars have a lot of benefits. It can decrease greenhouse gas emissions but it depends on the type of power plant used. Many people consider this because of its convenience because you can just fill it in your homes.

As of the present, the world’s best seller plug-in hybrid car is the Chevrolet Volt Family. The next is Toyota Prius PHV and followed by Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV. United States is the leader when it comes to plug-in hybrid cars followed by Netherlands and Japan. If you are interested, it is beneficial if you talk to the expert.


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