Why do Singaporeans Shop?

Shopping is a much loved activity by Singaporeans. Shopping centers and malls in Singapore are crowded during almost any day of the week.

There are many reasons why people shop, and they may be classified into four basic types.


List Shopping

This type is pre-planned. You have a list of what you need or want to purchase, and your focus is fixed on those items. In other words, you are on a “mission” to buy all items quickly and without fuss. This type usually covers shopping for grocery items, medicines and other home needs.

Item Shopping

This type is all about buying a specific item. It could be that you are running out of shampoo and you need to get a new bottle, or it is your brother’s graduation and you want to give him a surprise gift. This type is often driven by occasions and events.

Recreational Shopping

This type is also referred to as ‘window shopping’. The shopping trip is pre-planned, but totally open-ended. At times, you may not even purchase anything. People consider shopping as a means to get entertained, to relax, to learn and discover, and even to fantasize. This type usually happens when people want to check out what’s the latest trend.

Impulse Shopping

This type is the most spontaneous and the open form of shopping. The shopping trip is done merely on impulse. It is the shopper at her most unpredictable state. Usually, people do impulse shopping with items like snack foods, chocolates, and other cute and amusing things. Even if you go to the grocery store with a list, you always end up buying more.\